Attorney Bio

My name is Len ReidReynoso. I provide legal services to the Galt / Herald area of California. Although I can help in many legal issues, I concentrate on Estate Planning, Bankruptcy and business formation/development issues. I am pleased to be serving in the region where I grew up. My family moved to Herald in 1976. I went to Arcohe school and graduated from Galt High School in 1985. I was in the Herald 4-H Club and the Galt F.F.A. I obtained my AA from San Joaquin Delta College in 1987 and my BS in Agricultural and Managerial Economics from the University of California at Davis in 1989. After school, for nearly nine years I was in retail management and a corporate buying office. During this time, I was the store manager for three different Eddie Bauer Stores in two states. As my family grew, I decided to return to school for my law degree. I went back to the University of California at Davis, School of Law. After graduating from law school, I passed the bar and began to practice law in 2001. 

I started practicing law with a law firm in Modesto. Although this was a good opportunity for me, I found law firm practice limiting. While with the firm, I was not able to help the people I wanted and in the method I felt was most helpful to the client.  Thus, I have opened my office in the Herald / Galt area. 

In 2006, I joined forces with Francisco Medina. Mr. Medina is a skilled family law attorney. This has allowed our office to provide a wide verity of services to our clients. Mr. Medina has worked for the Public Defender and Panel member for Dependency case.  However, as of March 1, 2012, Mr. Medina and I split up the law firm and each practice on our own.

Through my office, I have been able to practice law in a manner that best serves my clients. Being a lawyer is being able to serve people. I am in a service industry. I must be honest with my clients. This means that I will tell clients what I believe is in their best interest, regardless of my financial interest or personal bias. I do believe that people should stay out of court, if possible. Court is expensive, time consuming, and emotionally draining for clients. It is easier to fix problems prior to court. I practice preventative law.

For Estate Planning, I can help those you love follow your wishes with Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and Health Care Directives. This is to prevent stress when the time comes to use these documents. If you do not know what these documents are, I have a brief description below.

For small businesses, I can help in various ways. I can act as general counsel to advise a business on various activities. I can review contracts, create contracts, review documents, and advise on employment matters. I do this to minimize costs for the business and increase the profit line. As an attorney, I cannot protect clients from everything, but I can help to minimize your risk. Further, I can use my business experience to help develop a business analysis, budgets, business projections, business plans, job descriptions, management training and various other business activities that all businesses can use to grow their business. I can also help with business organization.

Through my Bankruptcy Practice, we have been able to help individuals and businesses restructure their financial lives. We concentrate primary on Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcies. Do to the Constitutional protection Bankruptcy provides, we are able to protect families from predatory creditors. 

I enjoy helping in the community. I can help nonprofit organizations at reduced rates. I am current working with the Galt Community Concilio, Inc., Galt Economic Development Task Force, Inc., and the Herald Community Club. I have been on oversight committees for the local high school district and was Chair of the Bond Oversight Committee for Liberty Ranch High School. I enjoy helping these worthwhile organizations. I also take time to help with church, Boy Scouts, 4-H, and school activities.

I am please to have worked  with my father, Cruz Reynoso, has joined my firm as special counsel. Justice Reynoso has lived in Herald since 1976 when he was appointed to the Third District Court of Appeal. While living in Herald, he retired from the California Supreme Court. He has taught law a UCLA and the University of California, at Davis. He was the Co-Chair of the National Civil Rights Commission.  Justice Reynoso taught at UC Davis school of law and did his legal work from my office.   He has fully retired in May of 2018.

I enjoy helping people. My office is commits to helping people with Estate Planning, Business, and Bankruptcy.