Business Development


 This office can help to start, maintain, or build a business.  We can talk about what type of business you need.: Sole Proprietor,  Partnership, Trust, S-Corporation, C-Corporation, or LLC.   We often run your annual meetings and keep your corporate records current.


Contracts are important to establish clear roles and expectations between people.  Contracts should be created while people agree to what the deal is between those people.  You cacontracn then refer to the contract later to make sure everyone is living up to the deal.  My office can create contract, or review contracts for you.

Do you need a formal business entity?

I spend significant time going over an indivudal's situation to see if a business entity is needed, and how that entity may help you.  I want to go over the pros and cons for you in your situation.  


 Is this best for you?  Does a corporation save you money? Does it allow you to have other benifits?  Do you want to establish a C Corporation or S Corporation to protect yourself?  I can go oer these issues with you.

Limited Liabilty Corporation (LLC)

 What is a Limited Liabilty Corporation (LLC)?  How does it differ in California from a tradiitonal Corporation?  Is the LLC the correct business entity for you?  Glad to go over these questions with you. 


What is a general partnership and a limited partnership?  Happy to go over thiis type of business entoty with you and see if it will worl for you.